Get Behind the Scenes of Europe's Best Start-ups

We show how it is to work at start-ups in Europe. What are their culture, workplaces and perks and what kind of people are working there. We do this by taking visuals of their work environments and employees of all levels.
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Culture and Vision

We ask employees of all levels, what makes their start-up special for them and where the company is heading to.

We dig deep into the motivations of various employees so you can understand why people enjoy working there. We also ask the senior management how they envision their company’s future.

Workplace and Benefits

We explore the office environment and explain the most important company traditions and benefits.

We take pictures and videos of the office so you could get a better perspective of how it feels like working at that start-up. We also explain what are the traditions and how the company takes care of its people and which perks and benefits you can expect.

Job Specific Questions

We don’t limit our employer profiles just to company-wide aspects but dive into the particularities of specific areas and positions.

Because let’s face it, the culture, tasks, and activities in a business development team could quite differ from an engineering team. So we really explore what keeps different people busy at that company.

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